Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tip Of The Day

As you can see from my recent Youtube video, I got a Vagabond the other day and I thought about the different sandwiches that would be needed for different dies. So far I had only used my Alterations dies in it but I got to thinking about all my lovely nestabilities sitting in the cd cases and got them out. I started with just the standard sandwich, knowing it wouldn't work, but trying to get an idea of where to go. Then I added an Alterations Die and that made the sandwich too tall. I also tried my Spellbinders embossing pads and that wasn't thick enough and sort of warped my pads but they went back to normal, thank goodness. After that, I tried the regular sandwich with the two small cutting pads on top of the top cutting pad and tried to zip it through. Well, it did NOT zip through. It made a LOUD cracking noise and I thought that I had broken one of my cutting pads AND broken my Vagabond for a minute or so. All was good though, the cutting pads were fine although there is an indention of the Spellbinder on my cutting pad now. My husband was sure that I had broken the Vagabond, but I tested it out right away and it is working just fine. Whew!!  =)
So, I just wanted to warn anyone who may be wondering if you can use nestabilities in your Vagabond that you CANNOT!  =) I hope this saves someone from a very scary situation.

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