Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Going to Be Slow for A week or so.....

I hate it but I am moving. Moving bites. Boxes everywhere, movers touching your stuff. Changing your internet service and not having it for a few days, (hopefully we have timed it where we won't be out for long if at all, and I do have my ipad, but Youtube have not been available on it lately for some reason) all the other utilities, your address, unpacking UGH!

I do have that one bright shining thing to look forward to though. That studio room in the new house that is TWICE the size of my current room! I really like the floors too. They are hardwood floors and the landlord just had them refinished. It is a very nice little 3 bedroom house, 2 baths, vs our current 2 bedroom, 2 bath, and it has a fireplace and a beautiful back yard. Great garage with shelves and one of those huge white sinks that I've always wanted... I really like it a lot. I'll have to be really creative with storage cause there isn't a lot. The closets are much smaller and there aren't a lot of them. We have decide that my husband will take the small bedroom to be his man-cave and I get the other bedroom that is bigger for my room and then the bedroom that has the bathroom will be our bedroom. There is another bathroom right by the front door.
It has a bathtub with shower and the bathroom in our bedroom is a shower only. It is sort of odd that the room I am taking for my space is bigger than our bedroom. =) Oh well......

I guess my point to this whole blog post is that I probably won't be around much in the next week or so. I have to get my space set up and everything moved and unpacked. But never fear! I will be back. This has become my passion and got rudely interrupted by a roof that is leaking so bad the ceiling in our living room could collapse at any moment. Glad I got renter's insurance! :) So keep subscribing and spread the word about my Blog and my Youtube channel, LaceAndMetal. There will be a gift-away on both after getting 50 subscribers, ie, one when I get 50 subscribers on my blog and one when I get 50 on my Youtube channel. Thanks again for watching my videos and reading my posts. I have some great things planned for the near future and cannot wait to share them with you. I'll Be Back!!!
The Distressed Crafter

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