Friday, February 17, 2012

Loving My ZIG Pens!!!

ZIG Pens Are One of the BEST
Pens Around....

These are just a few of mine that I pulled out to get some pictures of. I use them to doodle, journal, make line drawings, and many other types of  fanzigulous fun!!!
Do you own any ZIG pens and how do YOU use them? 

My ZIG Pens!!!

I was going through all of my journaling pens the other day, organizing them and got all of my ZIG pens in one place and the colors are so pretty!! I love using these pens for journaling, doodling and tons of other things in my crafting endeavors. If you don't have any of these wonderful pens, you should definitely invest in some, including a Black one! They are the greatest pens for journaling out there.