Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lovin the Lindy's Linky!!!

Hey Everyone!

Today is a blessed day...I have Lindy's products!!! I can play to my hearts content. This IS true to some extent but I do have two swaps to get out very soon and I also have another project that has a deadline coming up. Now don't get me wrong, I love doing those things or I wouldn't do them, but I've gotten so much Lindy's in I just wanna play!!!! Then, I also have to contend with this bum arm for 6-8 weeks and THAT is a bummer for a crafter, I'm sure you all know. So, I tried VERY hard to incorporate my Lindy's into the packaging of my current swap and I think I did a pretty good job at it.  =) I wanted to enter something into the Lindy's Linky so this is my entry for now...

This is Misty's swap from MB's Treasurista, via LSH and it's a Spring Lace and Trim Swap. I had a lot of fun putting this together and included a few extra goodies for the girls and I'm hoping they like them. Below is a pic of the swap contents (not the extras!) and an example of one of the fronts of the packaging and the back of the packaging.

I sprayed the black cardstock topper that I cut with one of Tim Holtz's On The Edge Dies in my Vagabond, with Lindy's Glitz Spritz in Royal Peacock Fire and then just spritzed a tiny bit of Jack in the Pulpit Staburst Stain on it and blotted it, drying each coat in between colors.  I then ironed them. After that, I  heat embossed them on the front with a fleur de lis stamp from Stampabilities with Lindy's EP Midnight Bronze Obsidian. On the back, I embossed it with a speckle stamp from All Night Media and heat embossed that with Lindy's EP in Silver Moon Turquoise.

The flowers I made with torn strips of muslin and just made regular rolled flowers. On the bigger flower, I colored the muslin with Lindy's Starburst Stain in Mountain Lavender Gold then made the flower. Then I sprayed the flower with Lindy's Glitz Spritz in Desert Moon Blazing Sun. I then used a shorter piece of muslin to make the top flower coloring it with Lindy's Starburst Stain in Frosted Purple Iris. I attached the smaller flower to the bigger one with hot glue and then using a paint brush I dabbed the larger flower with small droplets of Lindy's Starburst Stain in Saxifrage Olive Copper. I then took 3 small roses on wire and painted them with Lindy's Starburst Stain in Frosted Purple Iris and then sprinkled them with Lindy's EP in Imperial Crown Purple Gold and heat embossed the roses. I cut the wires off with wire cutters and hot glued them to the top of the smaller flower.

On the smaller yellow flower, I colored the muslin with Lindy's Starburst Stain in California Poppy Gold and made the flower. I then took one small rose and painted it with Lindy's Royal Peacock Fire Glitz Spritz and then heat embossed it with Lindy's EP in Venus Violet Blue. I cut the wire off of the rose and hot glued it to the center of the small yellow flower.

The flowers are really fun and easy to make and can be make out of a variety of fabrics! I hope all of you enjoy looking at this and I hope my swap groupies love their lace, trim and other goodies.

Have a wonderful and productive crafty day!
The Distressed Crafter

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Someone Won the Vagabond!!!

Hello everyone!!

Time sure does fly. But I did give away the Vagabond!! The winner was Psychomom!!!!  =) I had such a great time doing this YT "Hop" and I'm really looking forward to doing it again in the future in the crafting community on YT with other crafters. I already have my brain cranking away on different takes that could be done on it. Below is the video of the announcement of the winner and just some general announcements. Thanks for watching!!!

Soooo, if you watched the whole video you should KNOW something about this blog. If you didn't watch the whole video you should go back and watch it again so you will know.  :) I'll be posting more about it in my next post though.

I'm working on a couple of special projects right now that I'll be sharing as soon as possible. I'm really enjoying working with all of my Lindy's Stamp Gang Products and I can't stop raving about that company! Their products are quite simply AWESOME!

First off the Starburst Stains. Yummy colors, available in a dauber and spray top and individually in shots (which are 2 oz little paint pots which are great and the same amount that comes in the spray and dauber bottles. I don't want to slam one un-named company at ALL but these colors are vibrant, stunning and the customer service is out of this world. On to the Moon Shadow Inks...these are walnut ink based with another color of glimmery goodness added so that when the paper is tilted you can see the color and not just the walnut ink. Really cool effect.
Glitz Spritz!! I love that name. It makes me want to smile. These are colors that look really good on both light and dark cardstock (and everything in between in my opinion), continuing along with the Lindy's feature of having those wonderful two-toned colors that just about all of their products if not all have.

Moving right along we have the Embossing Powders which are as just discussed, two-toned. I had never heard of two-toned EP's before hearing about Lindy's EP's and I was skeptical I must admit. I was not disappointed though. These EP's are simply beautiful. Each one has it's own unique color combination and they are absolutely amazing! You must try these to see their unique look.

The other two major products that I use from LSG are the Magical Mica Powders and the Mica Powders. The Magical Micas are just that, Magical! The mica powders also contain this amazing "powdered painting stain system with a fixative",  as described on the LSH website, HERE .  These are some really great mica powders that actually have a type of paint built into them and you can use them in quite a few different ways. You can paint with them using aqua brushes, brush them onto a project dry, or mix them with embossing powders. They match all of the Starburst Stain colors and have a rich two-toned look to them. The Mica Powders can be painted with in a variety of ways, made into sprays and are two-toned as most if not all of Lindy's products are. The spray tops are TOP quality and don't clog very easily. You can get the Starburst Stains with a dauber or a spray top in the money-saving kits or color shots (2oz wide mouth pots) in individual colors. I love the color shots because you can just open then up and paint straight out of them and not have to unscrew the lid of a spray top or a dauber. They sell these individually, but not in the Money Saving Sets like the spray or dauber, unfortunately.  :) I'd love it if they sold those in sets as well.

The customer service at LSG is awesome. In every order I've gotten at least one free item or a card for 10% off on my next order or both. Tracey takes very good care of her customers and the orders go out pretty quickly. I was shocked at how fast my last order came. I think it was just a few days.

So, If you haven't tried out the stuff at LSG, you should head over to their website and look at the tutorials and the gallery and all of the products. Read about how they work and watch the Youtube videos. You can buy products in Try Me kits so that you can try out the individual products to see which you like the best.

I'm having great fun with my Lindy's products and hope that my arm gets a lot better soon so I can get to playing with them a lot more. I have to craft in small increments right now because of my arm but hopefully that will be gone in a couple of months tops.

When I do reach 150 subscribers on my blog I will be having another giveaway so tell all your friends to stop by. I hope to be posting a lot more often and sharing my photographs. I took that class from Maggie Holmes and shooting in Manual mode is now very fun.

Have a wonderful scrappy weekend everyone!!
The Distressed Crafter

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hey Tim I'm Giving Away A Vagabond!!!

Hello ladies,

Man it is bad being sick. I have been sick for almost two weeks now and I think that a tooth that is going bad needs to get gone so I am off to the dentist in the am hopefully.  I did want to tell everyone how thankful I am to everyone who has subscribed to my channel and I am so excited about giving away a Vagabond!!! I wish everyone the best of luck and look forward to announcing the winner. PLEASE tell all of your friends about my YouTube Channel, LaceAndMetal so they can also get a chance to win a Tim Holtz Vagabond.

I will be making more videos as soon as I get well!! I am so tired of this. I want to be crafting and not stuck in bed! =) I know most of you know how I feel and can probably be sympathetic.

Also, I was asked to be the Guest Designer on by my good friends Cynthia and Laura and my creation can be seen on the front page and in bigger view on the Guest Designer's Tab. I hope you take the time to check it out and I am going to add some photos here.

I have some projects in the works that I can't reveal just yet in case they fall through but I am very excited and hope that you will all tell your friends to subscribe to my blog and youtube channel, LaceAndMetal, so you will not miss any upcoming announcements.

The video for this piece can be seen Here

Enjoy and have a great scrappy Sunday!!

The Distressed Crafter
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