Monday, March 5, 2012

Soul Restoration 1 The beginning of my Journey

I finally signed up for Soul Restoration 1 to get me ready for when I actually GO to BGC and I am so grateful that I did. I feel like I will have a head start when I do finally get to Camp. It is looking like that is going to be 2013. I have all the cash socked back and ready to go, on all the wait lists, and ready to sign up the first day they post the dates for 2013 for the camp of my wishes!!! I want to go to one of the Summer Camps that they actually have the classes for in Melody's Art Studio at her home. You stay at a Hilton close by and I think that would just be AWESOME!

Soul Restoration 1 has so far been one of the most real experiences I have ever been through in just two short weeks of 8 weeks in an online class. It is much more than an online class, but I suppose that may be true of almost any online get what you put into it. However, Soul Restoration 1 is more than your average, everyday, normal, online class. The curriculum is very well thought out and leads you on a journey of letting things go, forgiving yourself, and loving yourself and others.

Soul Restoration 1 also combines Art Therapy as an aid to help you on your journey by journaling and using different art techniques as a jump start to get you going. There are different journal prompts, collage sheets, videos and other resources to help you along and a forum where you can talk to other Brave Girls as well. You can also sign up to get the BGC Daily Truth at

Here are a few pictures of my album from class so far...

I am really looking forward to Week 3 which starts tomorrow. Thanks so much Melody for making this available to all of us who either could not go to BGC or have to wait our turn!  :-) We all love you very much! I hope all of you enjoy my photos of my project. This is where it really is NOT supposed to be about the art and what is more important is the thought and work that you put into each lesson. Letting go of lies that we have believed all of our lives can be a difficult thing but it CAN be done! Thanks Melody!

Kellye Kimmel
The Distressed Crafter