Thursday, November 21, 2013

One long year...

it's been a long year
full of change and healing.

i drove and flew to places as close as 2-3 hours
as far as across the country,

from the sandy deserts of arizona
beautiful beaches of the obx,
warm, sulpher hot spring at esalen
beautiful mountains near petaluma.

my heart feels grateful and full,
and my throat feels more open and
i feel able to speak my truth.

my authentic-self has returned to the surface
and i no longer feel the need to
suppress my emotions  or
feel like i am not enough.

i am enough. we are all enough.

i have the biggest dreams for
i no longer see only darkness,
see light streaming into the tunnel
i have been living inside of
and have been digging my way
out of
for so many years

i am right at the entrance
to the beginning of
the rest of my life.