Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Going to Be Slow for A week or so.....

I hate it but I am moving. Moving bites. Boxes everywhere, movers touching your stuff. Changing your internet service and not having it for a few days, (hopefully we have timed it where we won't be out for long if at all, and I do have my ipad, but Youtube have not been available on it lately for some reason) all the other utilities, your address, unpacking UGH!

I do have that one bright shining thing to look forward to though. That studio room in the new house that is TWICE the size of my current room! I really like the floors too. They are hardwood floors and the landlord just had them refinished. It is a very nice little 3 bedroom house, 2 baths, vs our current 2 bedroom, 2 bath, and it has a fireplace and a beautiful back yard. Great garage with shelves and one of those huge white sinks that I've always wanted... I really like it a lot. I'll have to be really creative with storage cause there isn't a lot. The closets are much smaller and there aren't a lot of them. We have decide that my husband will take the small bedroom to be his man-cave and I get the other bedroom that is bigger for my room and then the bedroom that has the bathroom will be our bedroom. There is another bathroom right by the front door.
It has a bathtub with shower and the bathroom in our bedroom is a shower only. It is sort of odd that the room I am taking for my space is bigger than our bedroom. =) Oh well......

I guess my point to this whole blog post is that I probably won't be around much in the next week or so. I have to get my space set up and everything moved and unpacked. But never fear! I will be back. This has become my passion and got rudely interrupted by a roof that is leaking so bad the ceiling in our living room could collapse at any moment. Glad I got renter's insurance! :) So keep subscribing and spread the word about my Blog and my Youtube channel, LaceAndMetal. There will be a gift-away on both after getting 50 subscribers, ie, one when I get 50 subscribers on my blog and one when I get 50 on my Youtube channel. Thanks again for watching my videos and reading my posts. I have some great things planned for the near future and cannot wait to share them with you. I'll Be Back!!!
The Distressed Crafter

Tip Of The Day

As you can see from my recent Youtube video, I got a Vagabond the other day and I thought about the different sandwiches that would be needed for different dies. So far I had only used my Alterations dies in it but I got to thinking about all my lovely nestabilities sitting in the cd cases and got them out. I started with just the standard sandwich, knowing it wouldn't work, but trying to get an idea of where to go. Then I added an Alterations Die and that made the sandwich too tall. I also tried my Spellbinders embossing pads and that wasn't thick enough and sort of warped my pads but they went back to normal, thank goodness. After that, I tried the regular sandwich with the two small cutting pads on top of the top cutting pad and tried to zip it through. Well, it did NOT zip through. It made a LOUD cracking noise and I thought that I had broken one of my cutting pads AND broken my Vagabond for a minute or so. All was good though, the cutting pads were fine although there is an indention of the Spellbinder on my cutting pad now. My husband was sure that I had broken the Vagabond, but I tested it out right away and it is working just fine. Whew!!  =)
So, I just wanted to warn anyone who may be wondering if you can use nestabilities in your Vagabond that you CANNOT!  =) I hope this saves someone from a very scary situation.

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The Distressed Crafter

Monday, December 27, 2010

My New Craft Room!

Ok, I am moving starting in a couple of weeks but I already have access to the house and my new craft room rocks!!! It's about TWICE the size of my old one. I am going to decorate it and want to share that journey with you here and on my Youtube channel, LaceAndMetal. The pictures below show the room right after the hardwood floors had been refinished and the house had been repainted. Love, Love, hardwood floors!! There is NO carpet in this house and I am so glad. With two little yorkies in the house it is much better with hardwood floors. They are house trained, but dogs do get smelly and the smell gets in the carpet sometimes. I'd rather just avoid it all together. =)

This picture is right inside the door of the craft room. The little area that is recessed right there is almost 2 feet deep and about 4 feet long. I am thinking about putting a butcher block table there for my Imagine.

This picture shows the view outside the window in my craft room showing the back yard. Plenty of space for the doggies and I can watch them play while I craft. =)

This shows the corner across from the door to the craft room and the window that looks out into the backyard.

This picture shows the length of the room from one end to the other, from the end where the door going into the craft room is. It looks pretty short in the pic but it's actually about 14 ft. The wall going across in the picture is about 11 feet. Yay!

I hope all of you enjoy following along while I redo my room and decorate it so that it brings me as much inspiration as possible so that it may bring more inspiration and creativity I can share with you.
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Sunday, December 26, 2010

New Tim Toy!! Vagabond Heaven

Welcome bloggers!!!

I got a new toy this week and wanted to share the unveiling with you...
I plan on making many things with this item and sharing them with all of you in
the coming year.
With the many wonderful Tim Holtz Sizzix Alterations dies, the projects will be limited only to
the imagination contained in our minds.
I hope you will join me on my journey with Tim and his wonderful products.

Welcome to the Distressed Crafter.

I am in LOVE with this machine!!!

It is so versatile! I can't wait to try my Texture Fades in it and try out more of the great Alterations dies as well as my regular old sizzix and cuttlebug dies. It is pretty compact and doesn't really need a dedicated space in a craft area. You can store it away and pull it out only when you need it! Great for crafters with small creating spaces.

I am moving next month so I hope to be able to keep up with my blog posts, but they may be a little slow for awhile. I have a lot of things to do to prepare for the move, but my craft room is so much bigger and I can't wait to get into it and decorate it. I want it to be a room that I feel comfortable and find tons of inspiration in. I can't wait to show you videos when I finally get it set up too! Stay tuned! 

In the meantime, don't forget to subscribe to my Blog and my Youtube Channel, LaceAndMetal. I will be having a Gift-Away for both when I get 50 subscribers. In other words, after I get 50 subscribers in my blog I will have a gift-away for it and when I get 50 for my Youtube Channel I will have one for it.
I hope the rest of your holiday season is bright and happy and your New Year Shines Bright!
The Distressed Crafter

Friday, December 24, 2010

All Crafters and Scrappers...Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to my Crafting/Scrapping Blog scrappers and crafters everywhere! I am so thrilled to finally get my Blog started and begin sharing information with all of you. My intent is to make video tutorials of all kinds of scrapping and crafting projects and techniques, product reviews, and other special content. I want to inspire, educate, share, and amuse you so that you never leave my Blog feeling unfulfilled. I want to build a community of artists who become friends as well as inspirations to each other. I hope that you will subscribe to my Blog and begin to share my journey with me. It will be an exciting journey, but a journey with ups and downs, as we all have in our lives. I invite you to share your ups and downs with me as I share mine with you. It will be an honor to follow along in your artistic endeavors as I share mine with you. I encourage you to share your creations with me. I always love to see my fellow crafters works of art!

GIFT-AWAY AFTER FIRST 50 SUBSCRIBERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since I am very new to blogging and Youtube, when I obtain my first 50 subscribers I will be having a gift-away on my Blog and my Youtube Channel, LaceAndMetal.  I have not decided what the gift will be yet, but will announce it in the near future. My Blog and my Youtube channel have become a very important part of my life and I hope you will join me and tell your friends to join as well. 

Soon, I will begin sharing my creative projects, product reviews, hauls and other exciting things on both my Blog and Youtube. I can't wait to get started on this and my first video should be up in early January 2011. I really hope you like my videos and that I can teach you things that you have not learned yet or put a spin on some things you may have already learned.

Now just a bit about me....

My name is Kellye, I have been married for almost 13 years to Jim. I have one son, Chris and two step-sons, Julian and Ethan. I live in northern California, but my home is the State of Texas. I'm no spring chicken anymore, but I'm not an old hag either. =) I do tend to hang around with people younger than I am and I do not act my age unless the situation calls for it. *sigh* I will post a picture of myself soon. I am going to try and schedule a shoot soon so I can get a recent picture that is decent. :) I am a retired respiratory therapist and stay at home while my husband works very hard to make a living for us.
I have health issues that prevent me from working, so it's a great blessing that he is able to make enough income for me to be able to stay at home and enjoy my art/crafting.

I also enjoy reading, gardening, travel, all kinds of education, my yorkies Gabby and Bayleigh, sailing,
teaching scrapbooking to others, learning about all kinds of products and how they can be used, cooking,
and sewing.

I also want to wish everyone a Happy Holiday and a wonderful New Year in 2011! The new year dawns bright and I have high hopes for it to be one of the best years of my life.

Kellye the Distressed Crafter