Monday, December 27, 2010

My New Craft Room!

Ok, I am moving starting in a couple of weeks but I already have access to the house and my new craft room rocks!!! It's about TWICE the size of my old one. I am going to decorate it and want to share that journey with you here and on my Youtube channel, LaceAndMetal. The pictures below show the room right after the hardwood floors had been refinished and the house had been repainted. Love, Love, hardwood floors!! There is NO carpet in this house and I am so glad. With two little yorkies in the house it is much better with hardwood floors. They are house trained, but dogs do get smelly and the smell gets in the carpet sometimes. I'd rather just avoid it all together. =)

This picture is right inside the door of the craft room. The little area that is recessed right there is almost 2 feet deep and about 4 feet long. I am thinking about putting a butcher block table there for my Imagine.

This picture shows the view outside the window in my craft room showing the back yard. Plenty of space for the doggies and I can watch them play while I craft. =)

This shows the corner across from the door to the craft room and the window that looks out into the backyard.

This picture shows the length of the room from one end to the other, from the end where the door going into the craft room is. It looks pretty short in the pic but it's actually about 14 ft. The wall going across in the picture is about 11 feet. Yay!

I hope all of you enjoy following along while I redo my room and decorate it so that it brings me as much inspiration as possible so that it may bring more inspiration and creativity I can share with you.
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  1. Lucky you! Enjoy your new room.

  2. Wow, That's a lot of space you have to work with! I'm so glad you are sharing your journey with us! I love watching scrap room videos on youtube =) I am a new follower and newest subbie on YT. I would love for you to follow me too. =)
    Looking forward to seeing more from you,