Saturday, December 7, 2013

Finding my Vision.

I've been vision-booking.

Ever since I took Hannah Marcotti's class, Hello Awakening Woman, at Serendipity last September, in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, (which is the *perfect* location for this retreat), I have been addicted to the technique of vision-booking. With Hannah's buttery, yummy voice, she soothes you as she teaches you how to take magazines and cut out images and text that speak to you and then you just start gluing things down without much thought really. With a glue stick.  And a composition book. That's it. Sounds sounds so very simple. And it is really. But it goes so much deeper than that when you go back and look at what you have glued down.

Hannah talked of things that she glued down actually manifesting in her life and I absolutely believe that it can happen if you "vision it." I've already been surprised by some of the things that have happened to be placed next to each other and it has kind of made me addicted to vision-booking. I have started to hoard my magazine so I can cut them up instead of just recycling them outright. Only the waste of the magazine goes now. The forgettable parts. For me anyway. For someone else, what I cut up may be their precious thing that they paste into their book. That is one of the beautiful parts of this technique. As the saying goes…"One man's trash is another man's treasure.

One of the biggest things that surprised me about Hannah's class was that it reminded me of a time when I was a young girl where I did similar things with magazines, cutting out the things that called to me, pasting them down in composition books. The kinds with the black covers, lined, that we had to buy for school. I'm not really sure why I quit doing it. I didn't just quit one day and that was it. It went away gradually. Stopping for awhile, then picking it up momentarily, then coming back, and away, until finally one day there was just no time for it. Life became too-filled. I had no room for visioning. I had no room for me. Then I lost me.

Years later, while finding me again, Hannah teaches me of vision-booking and I don't think it was by mistake. I believe it's a great enhancement to journaling, and a great thing to incorporate into your life to "envision"one's life, basically. Try it yourself with just a few prompts such as "I am" and "I deserve" which come straight from Hannah. Cut out things in some magazines that inspire you and then start pasting them down. You will probably be surprised and amazed at what you begin to see. I was.

Hannah gave us temporary tattoos that say the word "yes" on them. All we need to do is say yes. I still have that little tattoo and something is telling me that it's time for me to use it. It's time for me to say yes. Things that seemed so insurmountable just a year ago seem so, not easy, but so much smoother now. I don't feel like I need to fight it so much. I can manage things. So if I can do those things, why not do even bigger things? Why not? A girl's gotta dream doesn't she?

Thank you Hannah, for being you with your voice of butter and heart of gold, and for your wisdom and your spirit. You are one amazing awakening woman. You can check out Hannah's offerings at