Thursday, September 22, 2011

Inspiration Showcase-Some cards I've made

I've been taking "Inspiration Showcase" with Jennifer Mcguire and I must say that I do like making cards now!!! I actually made it to learn the techniques, which is what I do for most classes but found that I do love making cards and it will probably become a more permanent part of my crafting obsession.

Here a just a few card that I've made during the class.

I used resist techniques on the backgrounds for these cards. The paper is from Lost and Found 2: Blush.
Thank you so much Jennifer and all the guest teachers for a great class!! I'm so glad there is lifetime access to it and all the stuff can be downloaded to your computer too. It's a great buy at $19 and I think they will be selling it in a pdf form after the class is over so that everyone can still get in on all these great sketches, techniques and cards!

The Distressed Crafter

Lindy's Stamp Gang-Featured Artist

I was so honored that Tracey from LSG asked me if I would be her first Featured Artist for LSG!!! I wanted to make some very special things and set to work. I decided I would do some work in Fabric to show how versatile LSG products are. I think Kate Palmer and I were thinking the same thing about mixing the Starburst Stain powder with glazing mediums, so I just wanted Kate to know that I did see her video and was wowed that we were so "in tune."

I had a great time creating my projects and I hope all of you have enjoyed them as well. The configuration box was created in memory of my Dad and I put some special items I didn't want to lose inside of it.

Here are some pictures of my creations...
This is an antique place mat I found at a store in my local area. I did gel image transfers on it and painted it with Starburst Stains mixed with Liquitex Glazing Medium. The flowers are from

The next project came from the same antique store and is slightly larger than the place mat.

Next came the Lindy's Style Configurations Box. After taking 4 Tim Holtz classes in July I was inspired to make a box using LSG products and was really excited with how it turned out. It tells a story of my Dad, our lives, and how happy we were.

Thanks again Tracey for choosing me to be your first Featured Artist for Lindy's Stamp Gang! I am truly honored and will cherish this for a long time to come. I hope that all of you who look at my projects are inspired in some way to make your own projects that speak to your heart.

The Distressed Crafter

Friday, June 10, 2011

A Treasure Chest with LSG!

I made this fun project using one of those chests that you can get at Michael's or Hobby Lobby. It had a Parisian theme on it with the Eiffel tower and all and I just didn't like it. So I decided to do a Treasure Chest on it using Lindy's Stamp Gang Products. I used mostly the Magical Mica powders after I had established the base of the chest but also used Moon Shadow Ink and some of the Starburst Stains. I entered it into the LSG "Under the Sea" Contest, and there were so many wonderful entries.
Here are a few pictures I took of the Treasure Chest and it's contents...

Here is a video from YouTube of the chest....

I hope you enjoy this project!
Have a wonderfully, crafty day!
The Distressed Crafter

Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Lindy's Butcher Block Table

I recently got the idea to make the ugly top of my butcher block island into something more appealing to the eye with my Lindy's Stamp Gang products and went to town with all 3 different liquid mediums....the Starburst Stains, Moon Shadow Mists and the Glitz Spritz sprays. I had a lot of fun and after letting the last two coats dry, I used Black Archival Ink to stamp various Tim Holtz Stamper's Anonymous Stamps onto the surface of the table so that the images would not bleed. I think that the outcome was really neat and wanted to share with you!  =)

This was just a normal butcher block island that I bought from IKEA several years ago. I use it to put my Vagabond and Cuttlebug on and it has two shelves underneath it that I use to store my TH Alterations Dies and all of my Nestabilities, as well as a basket that has cd cases that hold my acrylic stamps. It also has two small drawers that I use to store photo paper in one and various small TH Movers and Shaper's Dies and a few tins of Cavallini & Co. stickers, which I ADORE.  :)

Above is the video of the process of decorating the Butcher Block table from my YT Channel, LaceAndMetal. Thanks for watching! I hope you enjoy it and that it inspires you to do something creative!  =)
Happy Crafting
The Distressed Crafter
LaceAndMetal Designs

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spring has Sprung!!!

Spring time has come to my house!! My backyard is in full bloom and looking beautiful. The tree that had what we thought were surely some sort of fake cherry blossom tree has turned out to surprisingly be an actual cherry tree with cherries hanging everywhere!!! I love my garden and like to spend time out there. I keep looking for just the right place to hang my hammock so I can lay out there and watch YT videos but haven't quite found it yet. I've had lots of requests for some pictures of my backyard so I'm going to show some today. I recently took both of Maggie Holmes' photography classes and went from shooting in Auto Mode to Manual Mode in a matter of 3 weeks! It was amazing and it is so much fun to see how easy it really is to use a camera to get what you want out of it.  =)

This rose bush actually does not even grown on my property. It is creeping over my fence line from the neighbor next door and I've actually got it trellised on the other side of my walk way to create a rose archway through it. It is filling out and will look wonderful next year. I got in an awful fight with it doing the first trellis though....

This is a pot of thyme that I planted last week. In the right side of the photo you can see a grape leave from the grapevine I had growing in the bed behind the pot of thyme.

In this pot I have planted some strawberries alongside some chamomile that was already growing there.

Calla lilies growing wild in my backyard.

Cherry blossom tree in full bloom. I don't have a lens for my camera that I can use to get a full view of this tree even standing inside my house, which makes me want to get another lens for my camera really badly.

Dieffenbachia sprouting up naturally in my flower bed in the back yard. It is now almost two feet tall.

Chicks and hens blasting out of the container I've got them in.

Flowers that came up on their own under my cherry tree. Oddly purple and white are the colors of my husbands workplace. Yahoo!

Tomato blooms on plant that I planted recently.

Purple blooms of two different kinds of scented begonias. When you rub the leaves you can smell the yummy smell of citrus.

This is where the rose vines come over onto my side of the fence. The bush to the right I have yet to identify. My back door is just to the right of it.

Red bloom from the bush from the picture above that I have yet to identify. If anyone out there knows what it is, drop me a note!

One of two grapevines I have growing in my backyard. They were already there when I moved in in January but were pretty dead looking then. After lots of rain and fertilizer they are looking much better.

My newly established compost bin. I LOVE it.

Cherries hanging from a branch of the tree.

I hope in the next few weeks to be once again crafting full steam ahead. My arm is doing better, but is very sore from the exercises I have to do. I am just very grateful that it isn't nerve damage or anything worse. I'd rather be hurt for 6-8 weeks than lose an arm! I can get back to crating in a bit. *laugh*
Everyone have a blessed weekend and take care of each other.
The Distressed Crafter
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