Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spring has Sprung!!!

Spring time has come to my house!! My backyard is in full bloom and looking beautiful. The tree that had what we thought were surely some sort of fake cherry blossom tree has turned out to surprisingly be an actual cherry tree with cherries hanging everywhere!!! I love my garden and like to spend time out there. I keep looking for just the right place to hang my hammock so I can lay out there and watch YT videos but haven't quite found it yet. I've had lots of requests for some pictures of my backyard so I'm going to show some today. I recently took both of Maggie Holmes' photography classes and went from shooting in Auto Mode to Manual Mode in a matter of 3 weeks! It was amazing and it is so much fun to see how easy it really is to use a camera to get what you want out of it.  =)

This rose bush actually does not even grown on my property. It is creeping over my fence line from the neighbor next door and I've actually got it trellised on the other side of my walk way to create a rose archway through it. It is filling out and will look wonderful next year. I got in an awful fight with it doing the first trellis though....

This is a pot of thyme that I planted last week. In the right side of the photo you can see a grape leave from the grapevine I had growing in the bed behind the pot of thyme.

In this pot I have planted some strawberries alongside some chamomile that was already growing there.

Calla lilies growing wild in my backyard.

Cherry blossom tree in full bloom. I don't have a lens for my camera that I can use to get a full view of this tree even standing inside my house, which makes me want to get another lens for my camera really badly.

Dieffenbachia sprouting up naturally in my flower bed in the back yard. It is now almost two feet tall.

Chicks and hens blasting out of the container I've got them in.

Flowers that came up on their own under my cherry tree. Oddly purple and white are the colors of my husbands workplace. Yahoo!

Tomato blooms on plant that I planted recently.

Purple blooms of two different kinds of scented begonias. When you rub the leaves you can smell the yummy smell of citrus.

This is where the rose vines come over onto my side of the fence. The bush to the right I have yet to identify. My back door is just to the right of it.

Red bloom from the bush from the picture above that I have yet to identify. If anyone out there knows what it is, drop me a note!

One of two grapevines I have growing in my backyard. They were already there when I moved in in January but were pretty dead looking then. After lots of rain and fertilizer they are looking much better.

My newly established compost bin. I LOVE it.

Cherries hanging from a branch of the tree.

I hope in the next few weeks to be once again crafting full steam ahead. My arm is doing better, but is very sore from the exercises I have to do. I am just very grateful that it isn't nerve damage or anything worse. I'd rather be hurt for 6-8 weeks than lose an arm! I can get back to crating in a bit. *laugh*
Everyone have a blessed weekend and take care of each other.
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  1. what a beautiful garden!!! ours would be lovely if we were more on to it with the weeds hehe
    loved all the pictures! Check out your cherry tree how kewl is that
    thanks for sharing natures beauty